Essential WALKING Gear Check List

The items below will be packed into your 50 litre pack (provided) and carried by you. If followed correctly, the pack should weigh about 7.5kg.


  • Lightweight lace-up walking boots or walking shoes with ankle support and treaded soles. Sandshoes and similar shoes are not acceptable.
  • Polar fleece jacket (preferred) or woollen jumper
  • Light jumper (warm)
  • Beanie
  • Shorts and/or light cotton trousers for walking
  • Polypropylene thermal underwear - long sleeved top and long johns. Essential in summer and winter.
  • Warm long pants - evening camp / lodge wear
  • Shirts / t-shirts - 3 recommended
  • Socks - 3 pairs recommended
  • Underwear
  • Lightweight footwear - suitable for lodge and kayaking
  • Sun hat and sunscreen
  • Towel or body chamois - light and quick to dry
  • Swimming costume
  • Water bottle - at least 1.5 litres


Tip: Layering of clothing has long been the basis for dressing in the outdoors and the gear list above follows this principle. When the temperature drops, we add another layer of insulation. If it rains, we add a rain shell on top; and when it’s warm and dry, we strip off layers.

Optional items you may wish to take include:


Camera, spare batteries (if digital), walking poles, ankle gaiters, insect repellent, a small torch, binoculars (for wildlife spotting), drawing or painting equipment, notebook, small mirror (especially if you wear contact lenses), short lightweight wetsuit or spring suit for swimming, and a compact light-weight day pack.


There are no power outlets to recharge batteries. We recommend you bring spare batteries for your digital camera.

All Mountain Design outlets in Australia and New Zealand (excluding Devonport, Tasmania) offer our guests 25% off RRP on all Mountain Designs branded product and 25% off RRP on all other products (excluding electronic products).  You just need to show your booking confirmation at time of purchase.

Mountain Bike Tasmania hire gaiters, over-pants and walking poles. All must be pre-booked prior to arrival you can email them or phone on 0447 712 638.


A backpack, Gore-tex jacket, sleeping sheet and pillowcase are provided for the duration of the walk. They will be available on the morning of departure.


Bio-degradable liquid soap is at both the camp and lodge. It is suitable as a shampoo as well. Your comfort and enjoyment is of paramount importance to us and keeping your pack weight to a minimum is our intention. Aim for one set of warm clothes for evening and another set to wear whilst walking. Thermals are necessary due to their lightweight, quick-drying and warm properties.

Please note that guides will do a thorough gear check prior to departure. If you are unsure about anything on the gear list, Please call us or talk to your local outdoor adventure store.


Any luggage not required on your walk can be stored at our office.



Call: (03) 6392 2211