Your Walking Tour Guides

Our Bay of Fires Lodge Walk guides are often thought of as our most outstanding asset.  They are passionate, educated, great interpreters and cooks all rolled into one.  Feedback regarding our guides is invariably positive.  The guides will enhance the journey with their knowledge and understanding of the flora, fauna, geology and history of the local area

In the words of one traveller "Our guides were exceptional - not only in their professionalism - but also in their ability to pass on their obvious passion and enthusiasm for their job and the area itself."

Zane & Daisy

Img 1258What’s your name?

Z: Zane Denmen

D: Daisy Lamont

Where are you from?

Z: Eddystone point, which is on the NE coast of Tasmania

D: Half Moon Bay, California  

What's your favourite part of the track?

Z: I really enjoy the shell coves, before the lodge. We used to walk there as a family on summer days, there is always a nice sheltered spot for swim

D: The beaches in front and around the camp, you always find something interesting either in the water or washed up on the beach 

What's your favourite [appropriate] memory from working for TWC?

Z: My fondest memories are when I could see people connecting with the coast I grew up on.

D: there are so many, but one of my favourites was on kayak day, the group had rafted up under a sea eagles nest for a scroggin break, a big wedge- tailed eagle was flying past and must have gotten too close to the nest and the mum sea- eagle attacked the wedge tail. Although it didn't last long we did get about a minute of amazing wildlife interaction. 

What do you get up to when you're not working on the track?

Z: I really like to go diving, fishing, surfing. I really find that being near or on the ocean is good for recharging my batteries 

 D: Anything, I really love a good balance of down time, outdoor adventuring and catching up with friends plus a trip to the big smoke thrown in every once in a while. 

 What/where is your favourite place in Tasmania? (Favourite pub/cafe?)

Z: The Winston which is an American style pub in North Hobart

D: Well the choices are pretty limited in Ansons Bay but I really love having breakfast out and one of my favourite places is Blue in Launie.

  What's your top CMH/BOF/WSW Track fashion tip? (Mitch’s shorts yew!!!)

Z: Don't forget your sunnies.
D: A good sarong for the track and bright pants for the lodge!

Best ever adventure
Z: Volcano boarding in Nicaragua, during a three month journey through Central America.
D: I reckon some of the best adventures are the once you are least expecting and I love road trips. Zane, Bear and I have had some epic road trips where we have just headed off with no plan and found some amazing places.

What did you guys do before guiding?
Z: I mainly worked in restaurants but always liked to take a break from it to do something totally different. 
D: Wow so many things, I have done a lot of work on boats out of the tropics and several forms of hospitality while I was studying. 

Any hobbies or odd talents?
Z: I can finger-knit, and then finger- knit a finger knitting,and then finger- knit a finger- knitted knitting! 
D: I can tie a bow with my toes.


Matthew Eaton

Where do you come from?
Originally from Burnie on the North West coast of Tasmania, currently spending the majority of the year in Launceston in order to study at UTAS.

How long have you been guiding?
This will be my second season with CMH/BoF

What do you enjoy about this job?
Waking up every morning knowing that I'm going to spend my day at one of Tassie's best and most beautiful locations, being able to drop my pack and swim in the sea, the smell of salty ocean air! Also being able to meet a great deal of people that have a lot to share, be it knowledge or humour!

I'm quite an active person, love participating in outdoor activities, being stuck inside is not my idea of fun! Also enjoy strumming out a tune on the guitar, and don't even get me started on the thought of Rob and Aimee's rhubarb and cinnamon cake! Wow! 


Cody McCracken

Where do you hail from?Cody Mc

The "Mainland"


Crackers or Codes

What do you enjoy most about guiding for TWC?

I love the freedom that this work provides me to escape the insulated world created around us and the opportunity it gives me to ponder, to share, to learn and to be. 

What is your favourite place along the Overland Track and or Bay of Fires?

Bof -  South Abbotsbury beach at 4pm with a nice swell whipping mist into the air as the low light plays off the dunes. CMH: Day 5 morning catching up with group: Myrtle forest after Du Cane hut, with warm shafts of light piercing the canopy and bathing patches of ground the size of a coffee table. 

Favourite book?

The Cloud spotters Guide

Recommended travel destination and why?

Central China - Unthinkable landscapes, unknown cultures, undeveloped (for china) and an uncertain future.

 Excluding our amazing walks - what is your favourite walk worldwide?

Mt Difficult to Briggs bluff in the Grampians Victoria.

Favourite Saying / Quote

The love one receives is equal to the love one gives

Your favourite dinner dish ever!?!

A hearty winter stew


Shelly NapierShelley N

Where do you hail from?

Country Victoria,

but now I call Evandale home



What do you enjoy most about guiding for TWC?

 The ability to surround myself with such unique beauty everyday and having the chance to watch others react to these stunning places.

What is your favourite place along the Overland Track?

Favourite place on the OT-The summit of Mt Ossa

Favourite book?

Favourite book- anything by Bill Bryson

Recommended travel destination and why?

Recommend travel destination- Japan. The best powder snow in the world, as well as perfect serenity and delicious food

 Excluding our amazing walks - what is your favourite walk worldwide?

So far, the Western Arthurs in the south west of Tasmania.

Your favourite dinner dish ever!?!

Homemade soup with home grown vegies.


Tom Keith Tom

Where do you hail from?

​ The outskirts of Launceston​


​ Keithy​

What do you enjoy most about guiding for TWC?

​ Calling the Wilderness World Heritage Area home for 6 days at a time and sharing its importance and beauty​

What is your favourite place along the Overland Track and or Bay of Fires?

​ Depends on the weather, waterfall valley on a wet day, the mountain peaks on clear days, Fergusson Falls, North Abbotsbury beach at the Bay of Fires? Too much choice...​

Favourite book?

​ The Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde​

Recommended travel destination and why?

​ Colombia. A little off the beaten track​. Incredibly diverse and vibrant.

Excluding our amazing walks - what is your favourite walk worldwide?

​ Western Arthurs, Tasmania

Favourite Saying / Quote

“Here’s to the crazy ones.
The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers.
The round pegs in the square holes.
The ones who see things differently.
They’re not fond of rules.
And they have no respect for the status quo.
You can praise them, disagree with them, quote them,
disbelieve them, glorify or vilify them.
About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them.
Because they change things.

​They push the human race forward and w​hile some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius.
Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world,
are the ones who do…”

​ - Jack Kerouac (Paraphrased ​by Steve Jobs for Apple)

 Your favourite dinner dish ever!?!

​ Lasagne or Moussaka 


Lou Balcombe 

Where do you hail from?Lou Balcombe

Taroona (Suburb of Hobart) - Aboriginal for the sea-shell commonly known as Chiton.

What do you enjoy most about guiding for TWC? 

The adventure, the immersion in the Wilderness, seeing how happy my guests get out of being amongst it all.

What is your favourite place along the Bay of Fires?

The shell coves on Day 2 - An incredibly beautiful section of the walk, especially in the golden light of the afternoons.

Favourite book?

Everything is Illuminated by Johnathan Safran Foer.

Recommended travel destination and why?

Morocco - culturally diverse, the most delicious food, the people are super friendly and there is always an adventure waiting around the corner!

Excluding our amazing walks - what is your favourite walk worldwide? 

The Walls of Jerusalem, NW Tasmania. 

Favourite Saying / Quote

"Punctuality is the thief of time." - Oscar Wilde

Your favourite dinner dish ever!?!



Nikki Hall Nikki Hall

Where do you hail from?

Wynyard on the North West Coast of Tassie.

What do you enjoy most about guiding for TWC?

Working as a guide for the TWC is a dream job. The people we get the opportunity to meet whether they are your guiding mates or guests on trips is a real privilege. They are people that you may not otherwise get the chance to come across in your everyday life. And we get the opportunity to work in some of the most beautiful places in the world.

 What is your favourite place along the Overland Track and or Bay of Fires? 

So many, I do love Mt Oakleigh when the weather allows. Sitting out on those Spires is something else and the views are magic. At the beach, on the second day you reach a headland before the Eddystone Point lighthouse. As it opens up there are these two pristine bays with crystal clea blue water with beautiful natural granite statues and it feels like you could be anywhere in the world.

 Favourite book?

Touching the Void

 Recommended travel destination and why?

 A highlight for me was Canada, so beautiful and my recent trip to New Zealand was a true highlight. Cooler climates and good snow is a large part of the reason I enjoyed these countries.

 Excluding our amazing walks - what is your favourite walk worldwide?

 I recently came home after a winter season guiding in the Northern Territoty on the Larapinta trail. After hearing so much about the desert and going in with mixed feelings it was a wonderful surprise to see such lush vegetation and beautiful wildflowers.

 Favourite Saying / Quote:

No worries, She'll be right

Your favourite dinner dish ever!?!

It would have to be mum's home cooked roast with baked potatoes, veggies with gravy